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NEUROWERK EEG – Examine flexible

The complete solution from routine EEG and digital Video EEG, ultra light EEG recorder to bed-side monitoring

The NEUROWERK EEG system provides all available methods that are needed in daily routine EEG diagnostics. The understandable and intuitive operation makes our digital EEG systems time-efficient in its daily use with patients. Highlights of our system are the high-resolution AD conversion of the EEG amplifier and the ability to export your examination results in a variety of media and evaluation equipment. Additionally to the digital video EEG in Full HD resolution and long-term EEG monitoring, the NEUROWERK system is also suitable for all usual routine applications for which it provides already a standard version of our EEG analysis software (including spectral analysis and EEG mapping).

The proven modular design of hardware and software allows individual adaptation to the needs and workflow of our customers.


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Functional innovations

Functional innovations

  • New 34, 58 and 90 channel amplifier with NEUROWERK Design

  • Selectable reference electrode

  • Video EEG with Full HD resolution

  • Online spectral analysis/DSA

  • Expandable with online pattern recognition, source localization, seizure recognition

  • Submission of reports in PDF format via EDP/HL7



  • 24-bit A/D converter for highest signal quality

  • Sampling rate 2048 Hz per channel

  • Cable Tester at EEG-Box

  • Expandable with SaO2- & EtCO2 sensor

  • 9/1 Trigger inputs/outputs

  • Free EEG Viewer incl. video playback

  • Processing in external software by EDF/MatLab



  • 34, 58 and 90 channel amplifier with LAN connection

  • With video and online analysis

  • As combined device NEUROWERK EEG/EMG/NCS/EP

  • With desktop PC or notebook

  • As portbale system with transport case


The photic stimulator NEUROWERK F40 supplements your NEUROWERK EEG device upon request

The photic stimulator NEUROWERK F40
The photic stimulator NEUROWERK F40