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NEUROWERK EMG - Work more efficiently

measuring system for EMG, NCV and EP


The NEUROWERK EMG as a complete 2 or 4 channel neurophysiological measuring system for EMG, NCV and Evoked Potentials offers you almost unlimited possibilities for the work in your clinic or hospital. The system provides all available methods that are needed for daily routine diagnosis of neurological dysfunction.

Our high-quality complete system makes your diagnosis easier and more efficient. Benefit from working with our system and expect the highest quality in the examination results.

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NEUROWERK EMG with 2 or 4 channels

Functional innovations

Functional innovations

  • Improved EDP measured value transmission for easier processing

  • New table desing for a better overview

  • Advanced examination spectrum with studies like Triple stimulation, collision test and MUNIX

  • NEUROWERK remote control for convenient operation

  • Submission of reports as PDF file

  • Automatic MUAP analysis for efficient Needle EMG examination

  • Combinations of various stimulators in one examination program



  • 24-bit A/D converter for signal recording in highest quality

  • Impedance measurement of active, reference and ground electrode available

  • Frequency range from 0,008 Hz to 20.000 Hz

  • Internal wiring of reference electrodes for multichannel recordings

  • Improved dielectric strength for protection against electrostatic discharges

  • Combination of magnetic and electrical stimulators for stimulus series



  • With 2 or 4 channels

  • As EMG/NCV/SEP system or EMG/NCV/SEP/AEP/VEP system

  • AEP/VEP extension for NEUROWERK EEG

  • With desktop PC or notebook

  • As portable system with transport case